Eliet Neo2 Heavy Duty Garden Shredder - 2500w

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Eliet Neo2 Heavy Duty Garden Shredder - 2500w

From Eliet, the NEO2 catches the eye due to its unique and aesthetic design that integrates a few world firsts. The ELIET NEO2 is the first chipper with a chipping chamber that you can look into and has, as the first in the market, a plastic composite chipping chamber. The machine is very useful and clean whilst it is used due to its integrated collecting bag supplied as standard.

A large opening is made available to the chipping chamber by opening the transparent hatch and removing the unbreakable safety cover. The shaft that gradually becomes smaller ensures that you can easily gain access to the blades and can remove them from the machine for grinding.

The ELIET NEO has been designed to fold up in no time at all. The volume of the machine will be halved when collapsed, which is immensely practical in order to store it away. The wheel frame can, moreover, be used to hang it from, for example, a wall.

The NEO2 has a low and comfortable feed-in height. The feed-in opening has been limited due to safety reasons. This opening was designed
The feed-in opening that is limited due to safety reasons was developed to ensure the least resistance possible when introducing material. The opening can be modified to introduce seriously split branches.
The larger feed-in opening of the more powerful NEO² and NEO³ is perfect for introducing larger quantities of soft and leafy green waste as well as bigger branches with lots of twigs attached. .

The aesthetically designed air openings were designed to provide the best possible air flow around the engine for maximum cooling. The user can, therefore, make use of the large capacity of this machine when chipping large volumes.

The chipping chamber has been manufactured of highly technical plastic composite. This innovation allowed the designers to design a better chipping chamber with the best possible and fastest chipping flow.
This material, moreover, is sound absorbing, which is beneficial with regard to the noise level of this chipper.
Thanks to the transparent window the user can see the chipping chamber and follow the chipping process. This will ensure that he/she can prevent obstructions and can anticipate on when blades will be worn and need to be replaced.

The Chopping principle™ squashes and unravels the chips intensely. As a result the grain structure of these ELIET Biotech™ chips is well suited to decomposition. Once chipping is complete you'll have a good, airy mixture with just the right moisture content. That's why Biotech™ chips improve your composting system.

This chipper technology exploits the weakness of wood by cutting with the grain. The blades of the ELIET shredders cut into the garden waste like miniature hatchets. As a result the wood is cut with
the grain. A passel of blades repeat the cycle a thousand of times a minute. The process results in uniform chips that are perfect as a mulch layer or on your compost heap.

Expert trimming keeps the plants, shrubs and trees in your garden healthy and strong. The garden waste it produces is also a valuable source of energy for new life in your garden. The decomposition cycle is highly dependent on the way garden waste is cut.

Eliet has a line of powerful shredders that produce chips with added value for the cycle of nature. As inventor of the mobile shredder, Eliet developed machines that can be used everywhere they need to go and can be driven into the most narrow workplace. The genius of this concept lies in its simplicity: “Take the machine to the wood, not the wood to the machine”.

ELIET supports the ideas of Jean Pain, a French pioneer in composting who gave his name to the Jean Pain Committee, a professional organization of expert composters. He discovered that the humus of fine wood chips made the dry ground of the Provence fertile. This makes him the ground-breaker in compost based organic gardening. You can now use ELIET shredders to introduce this principle in your own garden.

Specification for Eliet Neo2 Heavy Duty Garden Shredder
* Power 2500w
* Shreddable timber diameter: 35 mm / 1,4 inch
* Chopping speed (cuts/min): 36.000
* Capacity: 8 full wheelbarrows/h.
* Shredding technology: ELIET Chopping PrincipleTM
* Knives: 12 ELIET RESISTTM knives (reversible)
* Noise reduction: composite housing, vibration absorbing rubber silencers
* Feed intake opening: Ø 160 mm / Ø 6,4 inch
* Collecting box capacity: 50 L / 11 gallon
* Feed height: 1390 mm
* Durability: thermal motor protection
* Chassis: composite
* Safety: motor brake
* Storage dimensions (LxWxh in mm/inch): 800 x600x1100 mm 32x24x44 inch
* Wheels (Ø x W / material): 250x65mm/alu 10x2,6 inch/alu
* Rotor: 2 discs with 12 blades in total
* Cutting width: 130 mm / 5,2 inch
* Transmission: direct
Eliet Neo2 Heavy Duty Garden Shredder - 2500w from Mower Magic

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