Zucchetti Ambrogio Professional Wire Laying Machine for Robotic Mower Cable NT60

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Zucchetti Ambrogio Professional Wire Laying Machine for Robotic Mower Cable  NT60 is fitted with a quality Honda Engine.
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Zucchetti Ambrogio Professional Wire Laying Machine for Robotic Mower Cable NT60

The Zucchetti NT60 Buried Wire Layer is quite simply an excellent machine. Make the laying of large lengths of wire simple - this is the wire layer you have always wanted! Great for either the consumer or commercial user. Wire laying applications: robotic lawn mower wire; invisible pet fence wire; low voltage wiring. We think it's the best wire layer money can buy!

The Zucchetti NT60 is maneuverable enough to enable 180 degree U-turns without stopping the engine. One of the nicest features is the patented tilting handle - this feature lets the installer drive the machine under tree branches while walking alongside. This machine is so easy to maneuver, it is perfect for installing low voltage lighting wire around landscaping and flowerbeds. Simply remove the plate on the side of the wire mount and slide the wire coil over the bar.

This Wire Layer uses a turning drill bit to cut a groove in the ground. The wire feeds into the groove. Less time is required for the grass to recover since the cut in the ground is very small.

The Zucchetti NT60 Precision Buried Wire Layer buried wire layer is the most maneuverable wire layer on the market. Use it for invisible pet fence wire, low voltage lighting wire and other thin/small wire applications. It is the only wire layer suitable for installing robotic lawn mowers.

Robotic lawn mowers' signal loses strength if the wire is buried too deep. The NT60 Precision Buried Wire Layer may be set for 1/2" to 6" deep.

Specification Zucchetti Wire Laying Machine NT60:
* Self-propelled
* Relatively lightweight
* Easy to use
* Rotatable drill bit for easy 90 degree turns while stopped
* Patented tilting handle to reduce machine height
* Powerful Honda® GCV160 engine
* Drill design leaves smaller impact than conventional machines - fast grass healing!
* Wheelbase adjustable for offset from hardscapes, perfect for precision wire laying applications like robotic lawn mowers
* Pivoting cutting head allows for tight, smooth turns, especially 90 degree turns required by robotic lawn mowers
* Weight (dry): 49kg
* Width of Wheelbase: Adjustable - 25, 27, 29 & 31cm.
* Max Cable Diameter: 3.4mm
* Max Cable Laying Capacity: 36 metres per minute / 2160 metres per hour

This mower is fitted with a Honda GCV160 Engine
Why Buy Honda?
This mower features Honda GCV160 Power Curve Data - Honda GCV160 Tech Spec - Honda GCV160

Ambrogio Garden Machinery from Mower Magic

Zucchetti Ambrogio - Designed and Built in Italy from Mower Magic

As part of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a specialist in industrial robotics and renewable energy technology, Ambrogio focuses on developing, not just technologies for robot lawn mowers for now, but innovating to continually create the next generation of autonomous lawn care solutions.

All Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers are innovated, designed and developed in Italy, utilising the latest technologies to make all platforms more efficient than ever before; both to reduce the time they spend mowing, and to reduce their environmental impact.

With decades of development in robotic lawn mowing, Ambrogios high performance mowers have many unique and patented features that enable them to give an immaculate cut in the least time possible, so you lawn can be enjoyed for longer.

The diverse range of mowers on offer from Ambrogio means there is a robot for almost any lawn size and type. Across the range you will find the latest electronics, connectivity, hardware developments, navigation technology and algorithms to maximise the mowers performance and make integration into your home seamless.

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