Paradise Long Lasting Weed Killer 50g

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Paradise Long Lasting Weed Killer 50g

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Paradise Long Lasting Weed Killer 50g

Paradise is a long lasting total weed killer, which, when used at the correct rate will control most annual and perennial weeds for up to 6 months. For best results mix Paradise with a glyphosate product. This will kill the weeds which are present, and also lay a residual barrier which will kill any other weeds which try to grow.

This product is widely used by Councils, Contractors, Utility Companies & Landscapers. It is far more cost effective to treat once with Paradise, rather than 3-4 times with ordinary glyphosate or repeated strimming.

Paradise is a water dispersible granule formulation for use as a non-selective residual herbicide on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil and hard surfaces (railway ballast only). This is ideal for Paths, Fence lines & Gravelled areas.

* MAPP No: 14504
* LERAP Category: B
* Active Ingredient: Flazasulfuron 25% w/w
* Boom Sprayer Rate: 70-150g per Hectare depending on longevity
* Knapsack Rate: 15g per 15L of water covers 1,000m2
* Area Covered: Up to 0.7 Hectare or 7,000m2
* Pack Size: 50g

Required Safety Equipment - Gloves & Coveralls

Certificate: PA1, PA6

Carriage usually free for mainland UK