Nutrigem Foliar Fertiliser 10L

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Nutrigem Foliar Fertiliser 10L

Nutrigem is a 20-20-20 NPK concentrated emulsion fertiliser, containing a unique package of organic plant growth stimulants and fully chelated trace elements. Nutri-gem is ideal as a stand alone fertiliser, and also offers a proven track record of superior stress relief and plant health promotion in Plants, Lawns, Vegtables, Grassland, Fruit & many other crops.

Nutrigem combines the benefits of naturally occurring kelp and a balanced nutritional programme provided by a full range of macro and trace elements. The biostimulants and nutrients found in Nutrigem produce improvements in root growth and nutrient uptake which is greater than the two applied separately. This product can be used to the best effect when the crop is under stress. It can also be used as a foliar fertiliser on a wide range of crops to aid crop colour and increase vigour and growth. Effects will often be seen within hours.

It can be sprayed on through a normal nozzle and is compatible with most other herbicides & pesticides, although a compatibility test is advised prior to treating an area.

Application Rates
3 l/ha is suitable for most crops, 2-5 l/ha for hardier crops. Apply in minimum of 200-600 l/ha water for external crops. Use 400 - 1000 l/ha water on protected crops. For all young crops i.e. seedling, cuttings and modules, use at a rate of 0.5 ml per litre of water as a root promoter and overall health boost. When mixing ideally add half water, then required amount of Nutri-gem, finaly topping up with water.

Our Recommendation:
* Mix in with Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed

* Brand: Nutri-gem
* Active Ingredient: See table in description.
* Boom Sprayer Rate: Depends on crop, usually between 2-3L per hectare
* Knapsack Sprayer Rate: 5-7ml per 1L of water
* Pack Size Coverage: 5L Pack 17,500m2
* Pack Size: 5L
* Application Method(s): Boom Sprayer, Knapsack, Watering Can
* Area of Use: Amenity Turf, Lawn, Paddock, Trees & Ornamentals
* Safe For Use On: Grass, Lawns, Paddocks, Pasture, Safe Around Fruit Trees, Safe Around Shrubs, Safe Around Trees
* Period Of Use: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October
* Required Safety Equipment - Gloves, & Face Shield

Bio Stimulant28.0%Manganese (EDTA) 630 mg/l
Total Nitrogen18.0%Copper 450 mg/l
Nitrate N11.4%Iron (EDTA) 350 mg/l
Ammonium N8.6%Calcium (EDTA) 270 mg/l
Phosphate (P205)20.0%Zinc (EDTA) 240 mg/l
Potasium (K20)20.0%Molybdenum 80 mg/l
Magnesium (MgO)1.67%Boron 80 mg/l
Sulphur (SO3)3.25%Sodium 15 mg/l
Cobalt9 mg/lBarium 2.7 mg/l

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